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The school that pays for itself

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Financial Literacy

Become financially literate, teach yourself to control your finances and control your life

Online courses

Our online courses are going to take you through our step by step processes on implementing financial techniques to turn your finances around in just a few pay checks

1-1 Sessions

Gain access to 1-1 sessions to fast-track your success

We make money easy

Why School Of Babylon?

Here at School Of Babylon we guide you through every step of the way to take control of your finances to take the worry out of money.

If you are reading this you are literate, clearly, but you are probably not financially literate. It sucks we know, but you are not alone. Billions of people are not educated on money. With money comes a language of its own and you must become fluent in this language to become truly comfortable no matter how large your pay check.

You have worked hard for your money, so let’s learn how to take control of it!

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